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To all our valued customers.

The Rusty Axe Is Open!

Following on from the Government’s announcement, we are now open! Please familiarise yourselves with our revised opening/closing times in place for the time being, also please take the time to read our guidelines etc as these must be adhered to for us to stay open and serving our customers. Your assistance is very much appreciated!



*** COVID-19 update 4th July 2020***

Social distancing and all guidelines are in place to ensure we are doing all we can to minimise risk. Please see our Covid-19 section to familiarise yourselves with all information to play your part in helping to prevent the spread of infection.

We look forward to seeing you all again soon!!!


A warm welcome awaits you at The Rusty Axe, Stembridge

 situated in the picturesque hamlet within the Somerset Levels.

Offering a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere to enjoy quality social time with friends and family.

A delightful thatched inn on foundations that date back over 400 years old, the Rusty Axe has been renovated to create a modern and welcoming environment, with solid oak floors, large tables and relaxing seating areas, Sue and her team welcome you to visit the Rusty Axe.

“The story goes… where the pub sign now stands, a tree was felled and within the trunk was a rusty old axe, aptly renaming the inn as The Rusty Axe. The axe found within the tree now resides on the front of the pub”.

Pop in, say hi and sample some of our real ales, premium lagers and palate pleasing wine list.

Take a seat in our comfortable bar or relax in our dining room whilst enjoying cooked to perfection menus by landlady and head chef Sue and her kitchen team. Using locally sourced, seasonal produce to create menus that cater for all from light bites and bar snacks to one, two and three course menus.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

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